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Gridlock 1.5

This theme has a theme of its own: being perpetually late. Originally released a year after I took it down as hyalineskies 6 in 2005, I’ve been completely plastered with multiple bug fixes, feature requests and other such development-related work since June 2007 when I stopped actively developing it. Since then, the Web has changed a lot. Gridlock, well, didn’t. I’ve got something to say, though: Gridlock’s back.

One of the first magazine-style themes for WordPress

When Gridlock was originally released, WordPress themes were still primitive, Blogger-like themes. I wanted to do something more webzine-like with hyalineskies; taking some cues from online newspapers, Gridlock separates its content into a primary category and a secondary category for your posts; with this type of setup, you can give your readers their favourite content and have space left over for your personal things, all on the same page. Of course, you can always run Gridlock in standard mode with a traditional chronological order. If you want tradition, though, there are plenty of other WordPress themes out there. Gridlock probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

Connected to social media. Connected to design.

I love social media and design, so Gridlock should too. While now I don’t really harbour much love for the design of Gridlock, the people have spoken and thus I will continue to develop it. Gridlock offers native support for bringing in links through delicious bookmarking and allows for rich typography using the sIFR rich typography engine. (A note to our friends who use Cyrillic alphabets: I’ve included Cyrillic versions of ITC Trade Gothic and Helvetica Neue.) You don’t need plugins for any of it — it’s all integrated into Gridlock.

No messy code edits. Configure Gridlock from a panel.

Gridlock has been built to integrate its advanced features directly into the WordPress administration panel, so absolutely no editing of the Gridlock source code is required. While on the original hyalineskies version of Gridlock all categories, the sidebar about section, and the upper navigation bar were hard-coded into the theme, Gridlock features an administration panel that allows you to customise everything right within a familiar interface, from what post is placed where to the integrated delicious linkroll. You can also disable various formatting options (such as sIFR) without ever having to actually make a change in Gridlock’s code. Of course, all hacks of Gridlock are fully permitted — that’s the fun of an open-source project.

An open project

Gridlock is also an open project, licenced under a Creative Commons licence. Feel free to fork the entire project on its Github project page and build whatever you desire. (If you’d like to fix a bug — and please do, if you find one — just fire off a pull request or send me a diff and I’ll patch the codebase.)


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